Nutrition policy

At Knotz Childcare, good and wholesome food is very important. Nutritious food is important for the general health and wellbeing of children. It offers the required energy and nutrients children need for their development.

This is why, at Knotz, we have a nutrition policy based on good, healthy food, which is as natural as possible and with the least additions possible. We try to choose products with as little E-numbers, artificial sweeteners, refined sugar, salt, aromatics, colouring agents and flavourings as possible. Also, we prefer not to serve pork. When possible, we choose to use wholemeal and organic (regional) products.

Our vision on food means that:

  • Babies can keep their own feeding schedule, which we align with the parents/caregivers. Giving the first bites of solid food is done in consultation.
  • We only drink water, lukewarm or iced tea and milk. So no lemonade.
  • Every day has two fruit and/or vegetable moments.
  • We celebrate in a healthy way. We ask parents to keep treats small and low on calories. Non-edible treats are a nice alternative.
  • We stick to regular meal times, which we start by singing a song together. We aim to keep a calm atmosphere at the table. Our staff eat with the children, they can support the children where needed and set an example.