Why choose Villa Hugo:

  • Domestic atmosphere in a light, characteristic building
  • Big group areas with baby gardens for safety, security and freedom of movement for the youngest
  • Central location on the edge of the old city centre of Delft, near Delft central station
  • Big playing area and multiple workshop ateliers
  • Protected discovery garden with a separate area for babies
  • Unique open-door hour on two floors
  • Choice of horizontal and vertical groups
  • Healthy nutrition
  • Easy transition from day care to after school care in one location
  • Park, playgrounds and schoolyards nearby for excursions.
Renée Broeder, locatiemanager Villa Hugo / Hugenoten

“At Knotz children can be their unique selves. The babies get the freedom to develop, but also a lot of personal attention. The toddlers and pre-schoolers run around the building and find an activity on every floor during the open-door hour. Parents leave with a satisfied feeling to their busy jobs. I enjoy am and thankful that we can raise the children with them.”

Renée Broeder, Location Manager Villa Hugo