Daily routine

To keep an optimal daily rythm for the children we look at the age of the children. With babies we keep the rhythm that the children also have at home. With toddlers and preschoolers we work on a regular daily routine. This offers the children structure and creates a feeling of safety and security.

Rhythm from at home
A baby doesn’t have a regular sleeping or eating rhythm yet. We adjust to this rhythm in consultation with the parents, and keep to the daily pattern your child knows from home.

A regular structure
When babies are about one year old, they gradually start to follow the general daily routine. The regular parts of the daily structure, like eating, sleeping, playing, activities, and going outside, take place collectively. We look at the needs of the child, the wishes of the parent(s) and the rhythm of the toddlers. Besides playing outside, we offer the children fun and educational activities, like discovering the workshop atelier, reading together, making music, discovering the playing area and the EarlyBird moment.

Lisa Voogt is one of the regular day care staff at the Zeehonden (Seals) group at Villa Knotz. She would like to tell you what a day at a Knotz day care centre looks like, so you get a good idea of what it’s like.

Lisa Voogt

A day at the Zeehonden

Welcome at the Zeehonden, a group at Villa Knotz for babies aged nought to two. In the morning, between 7:3O and 9:OO, the children enter one by one. We take the time to say goodbye to mummy or daddy. Wave or blow a kiss and the day can start.
What shall we do? The children can play in the group area which is ready to be discovered. For the youngest, the baby garden is the place to feel safe and to develop and have fun in a calm way. The children can pick different corners to play in.

Around 9.OO we have some fruit and drink something. The older children who can sit, join us at the table, we eat our fruit together. Before we eat we sing the song “Smakelijk eten, smakelijk drinken” (“Enjoy your meal, enjoy your drink”). Some children already know some of the words and sing along. The youngest follow their home rhythm and they eat and drink according to their own schedule. Fruit, bread or yoghurt is eaten on the lap of a day care worker. After the eating/drinking moment we change the diapers and some of the children go to bed.

At 1O:OO the open-door hour starts. The baby group chooses if they want to participate, this depends on the day, the children and the composition of the group. The children who want to join, go look for a fun activity with a day care worker. The activities are in different rooms within the location.

Do you want to discover the workshop atelier or have a fun time in the movement corner? Do you want to build a tower with bricks or listen to a story? Every day is filled with fun options.

The youngest, who need rest, can stay in their familiar own groups and get offered activities when desired.

After all the playing the children start to get hungry and we sit at the table to have lunch. What do you want on your sandwich? Naturally the children can choose this for themselves.

After lunch we change the diapers and the children that want to, can have a sleep and recover from a busy morning. For the children who don’t want to sleep, the staff takes their time and offers activities within the group. It’s also possible to cuddle or sit on a lap and sing a song.

Throughout the day, the group areas get tidied up and cleaned and set up to be challenging for the children. In that way, during the day the children are stimulated and stay challenged in their play.

After sleeping, around 15:OO, there is a food and drink moment. Tea or water, a cracker or yoghurt, what would you like to have? Children are able to make their preferences perfectly clear. After this, it’s time for playing and adventures! Of course, going outside to play is one of the possibilities. If the weather isn’t very nice, we can play inside.

Around 16:45 there is a vegetable snack moment. We can enjoy some vitamins and slowly the first parents appear. At the transfer all the mothers and fathers hear what we did today. On the iPad the pictures of the day are shown, to complete the image of the day. The day at the Zeehonden is ending… tomorrow is another day with beautiful things to discover. See you tomorrow?