After school care

Our after school care relates to both care after school and care in the school holidays. After school care, or BSO in Dutch, is not an extension of school, it is free time in which children aged 4 to 13 can choose what they want to do: play inside, go on an adventure outside, go on an excursion, play sports inside or outside, or join a workshop from the carrousel, like getting creative in the workshop atelier or ArtLab, taking drama lessons or cooking in the Knotz KidsCookingCafe.

We are convinced that children learn by being introduced to art, culture, nature, sports and physical activities. At Knotz, children can be themselves and make their own choices so that they can make better choices later in life, based on the interests they partly developed during the time at after school care. Because of this, children do not only get physically fit, but also mentally. They become more aware of themselves, learn to accept challenges, and strengthen their self-image. And most of all: Children have fun at Knotz!


Famous at Knotz is ‘The Carrousel’, which is offered at all our after school care centres. There is a variety of workshops the children can choose from, based on one central theme. The themes are linked to science, creativity, cooking, and sports & games. The themes vary and the children can also suggest subjects. In this way, children are involved with the projects and make their own contribution.


Our group leaders are young sports enthusiasts and creative people, qualified and experienced in working with children. Every employee has their own qualities and they use their own talents to inspire and motivate children in a fun way.

Our locations

All the locations are specially designed to give children the freedom to discover and experience things at their own pace. Every child does that in its own way. Whether they want to be in the forefront or take their time to recover after a busy school day: with us it is always possible.

We like to take the children outside where they feel free; pride, fantasy, inventing their own games together with the group leaders. Getting lost in the moment. Learning what they can do and what they are worth. Having adventures.

Knotz offers the safety and security which parents desire in inspiring surroundings at beautiful locations in Delft. The group leaders offer structure and guard the boundaries. There is room for every individual, with respect for each other.

At Knotz we work with age-specific groups. We adjust the surroundings and the activities according to the age and perception of the children. This is why Knotz is suitable for very young children from the age of four until the end of primary school. We would love to give you a tour on our locations.


During the holidays children get offered a varying program, concerning one central theme. The activities are so much fun that parents sometimes reschedule their holiday plans!

We prefer going outside on outings to the forests, the sea and the beach, or to have a whipped-cream fight on the outer square. In case of bad weather, we go to a museum, a climbing park, work in the workshop atelier or watch a movie. The various locations do activities together. New friendships form and the groups challenge each other in sports and games.

The big party at the end of the holiday is extremely popular. Making fires, BBQ-ing and a big disco party. After the party the older children can stay for a big sleepover.

We follow the official government holiday schedule (in this case according to the region Midden Nederland).


We organise transportation from the school to our after school care locations ourselves. This can happen by foot, by bike or with our own Knotz-vehicles, existing of vans, box bike or ‘stints’. A stint is a fully electrical vehicle, approved by the RDW (Dutch Vehicle Authority), which travels over cycle lanes, has adjustable belts, and offer the group leaders a good overview of the children. In case of bad weather, the stint can be covered. Needless to say, children love the stint!

With your permission, your child can also come to the after-school care location independently, from the age of 8 (group 5 in primary school).

Children at our day care locations may have siblings at different after school care locations. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays their parents won’t have to commute, our staff will take care of the transportation of the older siblings to the youngest child. In this way all the children can be picked up at one location. Please note there is a limited number of places for this commute service.

Our staff is always recognisable by their clothes. The group leaders wear recognisable bright green shirts and coats. The children wear bright green vests when we go on excursions and outings and when they cycle to the location under supervision.

Types of after school care

Knotz offers the possibility of buying after school care for either 51 or 45 weeks. With both options you choose which regular days of the week you purchase after school care for.

With the 51 weeks type your children receive regular care and holiday care on their regular contract days during all holiday weeks (excluding the period in which all the Knotz locations are closed, between Christmas and New Year’s Eve).

With the 45 weeks option your children receive regular care on their regular contract days and holiday care is been planned for their regular contract days during all holiday weeks in the calendar year except for the summer scholl holidays (and the period between Christmas and New Year). Holiday care days that are not used during those holidays, may be used in the summer holidays

Knotz after school care includes  a maximum of 4 school study days per calendar year and early school closing prior to a national holiday or school holiday, but excludes all other reasons for schools closure (for example margin days).

As  parents you can choose the type of contract which is the best fit. Every contract has its own rate. The more weeks you purchase, the cheaper the rate per hour becomes. The 51 weeks option is chosen the most.

First time after school care

Before your child starts going to after school care, we would like to give you a tour at one of our locations and make an appointment for an intake interview. During this interview your child(ren) can look around in our location, while we run through all our agreements. After this we plan an afternoon where your child can get to know Knotz and gets the time to get used to the new surroundings and new people. We understand that this can be quite stressful. Our staff make sure that your child will feel safe and at ease in the group as soon as possible.

Why choose Knotz after school care:

  • Smoth transition from Knotz day care, sometimes even within the same location
  • Locations away from school for real free time and free choices
  • Broad and varying activities, both indoors and outdoors
  • Activity carrousel with varying themes within the fields of engineering, sports & games, creativity and cooking at every after school care location
  • No obligatory activities, after a busy day at school doing nothing can be nice too
  • Special sports focused location KnotZport
  • Pickup service from a large number of primary schools in Delft, please see our primary school list
  • Commute service takes siblings to one location at the end of the day
  • Choice of care during all or only some holidays
  • Meals, activities, excursions, pickup service and commute service are included
  • Child observation to monitor development