Come and work in childcare!

Working in childcare is challenging, asks for a lot of responsibility and is different every day. Do you want to give our children a safe base and go on an exploring adventure together with them? Do you like doing arts and crafts, cooking, acting, dancing and partying? Or are you the athletic type who enjoys playing football, hockey or tennis with older children? Then you are more than welcome at Knotz!

Do you want to get the chance to develop yourself within the field of childcare? At Knotz you can work on your professional training. We are a recognised teaching institution and are registered in the business register.

Want to apply? Then please send you resume and cover letter to

In case you have any questions, please feel free to call us at O15-38O 55 96.

The application process

We have an elaborate recruitment and selection process, because we find it very important that the educational quality and vision of Knotz is put forward in a coherent and uniform manner.

  1. From our candidates we receive a motivational letter and résumé by mail or email;
  2. If the motivation letter and résumé match our profile, we will invite you for an interview with HRM and one of the location managers;
  3. When both parties are positive after the interview, you will have an introduction day at the location of the job vacancy. On this day you can experience if working for Knotz is a match for you, and we can see if you are a good fit for Knotz;
  4. During the introduction day the location manager will plan a meeting with you and you will be told if you are hired. If this is the case, you can apply for a contract and your references will be checked;
  5. HRM draws up a contract and invites you to the head office to sign the contract, fill in the required forms and apply for a VOG (certificate of conduct). The employment contract can only be definite when we are satisfied that you are suitably qualified, and you receive a VOG.

At the moment we are looking for a (please click on the link for more information):

Childcare Professional Day Care


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