Growing up at Knotz

You’re pregnant, congratulations!

Soon your life is going to change. You are going to be a family and a new and busy period will commence. Of course, when you start going back to work, you want the best day care possible for your child. We would love to help: at Knotz we offer high quality and especially loving day care. We can support you with parenting questions and can help you getting in touch with other parents.

At Knotz there is a lot of personal attention for the children. The youngest have their own rhythm and our regular staff will adjust to their rhythm. Because our staff constantly talk to the babies and tell them what they are doing, a sense of language will start developing and the babies will start feeling at home. At all locations there are separate rooms to breastfeed your child and if you want to drop in, that’s always possible. If your child is bottle fed, Knotz supplies standard and responsible formula milk, which is in line with our nutrition policy. We offer full service care in terms of diapers, bottle-feeding and other items. Your child, some spare clothes and possibly a pacifier are all you have to bring.

Knotz offers horizontal groups (baby and toddler) and vertical groups (O-4 years). Please find more information on the different types of day care groups and developmental stages of young children here. Depending on your needs we are happy to advise you.

Especially for babies

  • The youngest determine the rhythm, just like at home
  • Breastfeeding on location is possible
  • Individual development is well monitored and stimulated
  • Assistance for questions about upbringing and development
  • Baby gardens for safety, security and free movement
  • Pedagogic approach inspired by Reggio Emilia and Emmi Pikler
  • Choice of horizontal and vertical age groups