Learning English through play

Encountering a second language at an early age is good for the language development and cognitive and social skills of a child. Furthermore, children very easily pick up a strange language in a playful way. They play with languages, sounds, words and sentences.  Without noticing it themselves their vocabulary expands rapidly.

At Knotz Childcare we believe that children are born with abundant potentialities and skills. With great care and guidance we stimulate their development. This is why learning a second language through play makes a lot of sense. At an early age children are very sensitive to languages, in addition they learn from each other. When their school career continues, they will profit from their early introduction to the English language.

Benny’s Playground

On every day care location of Knotz Childcare children can be introduced to the English language through play with the help of Benny’s Playground. This is an English program which matches the interests of toddlers. This program is specially developed for Dutch childcare by EarlyBird, the national knowledge centre for English education at an early age. Our day care workers are trained to work with Benny’s Playground and all our day care locations are EarlyBird certified.

The activity program is built around the fruit and vegetable moments. Together with Benny, the puppet, children name activities and objects, they sing songs and play games in English. Through play, gestures, expressions and movements, children learn English, without the use of their mother tongue.  Children like Benny and spontaneously start talking to him. There is no obligation, who doesn’t want to play with Benny can go and do something else.