LRKP registration & GGD inspection reports

In the “Landelijk Register Kinderopvang en Peuterspeelzalen (LRKP)” (National Registry of Childcare Centres) all day care centres, after school care centres, childminding agencies and childminders are registered, who meet the quality demands of the Wet Kinderopvang (Childcare Law). This means that the employees are qualified, have a VOG (certificate of conduct), Baby and Child  First Aid certificate, that there is an educational policy, that there is a risk assessment, and that the childcare location is affiliated with an arbitration committee. Also, there is an annual inspection by the GGD. The GGD insoection reprtos can be viewed on the LRKP’s website.

Parents are only entitled to childcare benefit if they use a registered childcare provider. All the day care centres and after school care centres of Knotz are registered.

To apply for or submit changes to your childcare benefit you need the LRKP registration number of the childcare location. Below you will find a list of our LRKP-numbers.

More information on the LRKP and the GGD inspection reports can be found on the website (click on the link to visit the website).

LRKP registration number per location

If you click on any of the below LRKP registration numbers you will be redirected to the LRKP page of the location in question. Here you will also find the GGD inspection reports.

Day care

Kindercentrum Knotz 2O7.332.29O
Villa Knotz 175.685.769
Villa Duimelot 223.2O7.6O3
Villa Hugo 754.756.282
Knotz Daycare (92-94) 171.783.8O3 
Knotz Daycare (1O2) 146.34O.516

After school care

Kindercentrum Knotz 17O.225.938
KnotZport 568.7O4.198
Hugenoten 338.4O1.398