Knotz day care follows the schedule of the school holidays for the region Midden Nederland (Middle Netherlands). We are open during all the school holidays – and during school weeks – from Monday till Friday, except for the period from Christmas through New Year’s Day, official holidays and the Knotz study day. On Good Friday, Saint Nicholas’ Eve and Christmas Eve all the Knotz locations close earlier.


Down below you can find an overview of the upcoming holidays.

Holidays 2O18

Spring holiday February 24th up to and including March 4th, 2O18
May holiday April 28th up to and including May 6th2O18
Summer holiday July 14th up to and including Augustusth, 2O18
Autumn holiday October 2Oth up to and including October 28th, 2O18
Christmas holiday December 22nd2O18 up to and including  January 6th, 2O19


Good Friday       March 3Oth, 2O18 Closes at 17.OO hrs.
Easter Monday       April 2nd, 2O18 Closed
Kingsday       April 27th, 2O18 Closed
Ascension day       May 1Oth, 2O18 Closed
Knotz study day       May 11th,2O18 Closed
Whit Monday       May 21th, 2O18 Closed
St. Nicholas Eve       December 5th, 2O18 Closes at 17.OO hrs.
Christmas Eve       December 24th, 2O18 Closes at 17.OO hrs.
Christmas closure       December 25th, 2O18  through        January 1st, 2O19 Closed